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--- Quote from: ptarth on January 26, 2016, 12:59:47 am ---
* Is there a simple way to add it to the mech roster? I ended up switching names with the redblack mech. Although it might just needed me to reload at it would read the file first? No sure. I got it to work regardless.
* I played 1 level using it.
* Primary Weapon
* The purple main gun effect is really pretty.
* I enjoyed the aesthetic quite a lot.
* However, the damage was low, and the secondary burst didn't feel like it contributed at all.
* With bosses having 1500hp per level, it is going to take a lot of bullets.
* Sword Secondary
* The sword is still a work in progress, but I liked the idea and movement of the melee weapon.
* I don't think it had enough power and I'd like to have infinite energy.
* A mech with a sword (primary) and shield (secondary) weapon system with infinite uses of each would be neat.
--- End quote ---

I just added the files to each folder and my mech showed up in the first slot, pushing Redshift off the list.  It would look like 2 Silver Gloss are there.  I believe Chris said that the same seeds the first 6 mechs it finds and Cinth comes before CMP.

How did the passives feel?  Or did you even notice them :)

MCFC- Effect -  :D    Damage - I had to start it low.  I originally had it left to Rain Canon's defaults and it was way to strong for a free weapon.  If you hit with the primary shot, the damage should be low but reasonable.  How did it feel to actually have to play Boss/ Miniboss fights?  Usually by the 3rd floor damage starts picking up and I have an attachment that makes the world go round (and still doesn't trivialize things).

Secondary - WIP sure.  It's a Guardian Blade with lower damage but a faster RoF and lower energy costs.  The PGB has shot canceling so it is very strong in a pinch, I'd have to take something to make it free. I already traded a bit of damage for the faster reload and lower cost.  I put this here because I didn't want folks to not have a way to break blocks in a shop without pissing off the keeper ;)  Originally, I was going to let it go for free and cut out the amount of energy the mech has. 

Things I'm contemplating for H Nova:

Moving the passives to an attachment slot.  Basically making the mech into a fixed systems mech without the fixed systems (say you wanted to change weapons for some reason). 
Drop to a 20*20 base pattern for now - and see what I can do about damage and RoF without being broken or tanking frame rates.  It will still be a slower firing weapon in general though.
Working on the secondary and energy system in general.  I do have an idea for it though.
Coming up with a leveling scheme (perks and whatnot). 

"Did someone call for a HERO!", said Emblazoned Golden Mech.
 Having a Sword and Board Mech is very possible.  But lets me get Nova finished, eh?

So this is what happens by floor 5  :

It's just Nova vs Warden, so you can imagine what happens to everything else.

What were the damage multipliers you had? Was it mostly from leveling?

Pretty much.

I flashed to the menu screen @ 1:35 so you can see what modifiers were active.

I had seen those, and that made me realize I don't recognize barely any of the upgrade icons. I also remembered I'm not very good at the game. I've never gotten past level 4.


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