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So my mech is in a somewhat playable state.  The major systems are in and functional and it plays fairly well without trivializing the game.

I just want to get it out there and let some of the more experienced creators look at the work and give any critiques (please be nice).  :)

Any creators interested?

Anyway, here it is.

Use the sword in shops, unless you want to make Keeper angry

Edit: 6 folks grabbed it and one gave feedback.  Had hoped for a bit more.

Round 2.  It's pretty much where I want it.  Maybe a tweak or two based on feedback, if I get any this go ;)

I'm working on reducing the overall shot count so attachments that add reload speed won't hit frames so hard.

Naturally I'll have a look at it, but that'll be later tonight.

Right now, I'm tapped out.   Bloody stupid bosses.  Ugh.

No hurry.  Just want some feedback on it is all.  It's very much a WIP for now.


* Is there a simple way to add it to the mech roster? I ended up switching names with the redblack mech. Although it might just needed me to reload at it would read the file first? No sure. I got it to work regardless.
* I played 1 level using it.
* Primary Weapon
* The purple main gun effect is really pretty.
* I enjoyed the aesthetic quite a lot.
* However, the damage was low, and the secondary burst didn't feel like it contributed at all.
* With bosses having 1500hp per level, it is going to take a lot of bullets.
* Sword Secondary
* The sword is still a work in progress, but I liked the idea and movement of the melee weapon.
* I don't think it had enough power and I'd like to have infinite energy.
* A mech with a sword (primary) and shield (secondary) weapon system with infinite uses of each would be neat.


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