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You can look them up in the images folder. Or I can, well, anyone can ;)

Well, I've settled in on a shot pattern that I'm going to use on all the AE systems.  It's pretty cool and fits the theme.  I've also settled on where I'm going to set the damage on the primary.

Left to do:  Kill crit on the primary.  Nope, you can't have it.  Fix 2 patterns and set up the secondary.  Tweak the level up perks to make sense with this mech and not Gloss.  Then should be ready for need feedback rnd 2!

V2 up for feedback in the OP.  Please give it a go!

As I represent 100% of the feedback system, I feel obliged to respond.
Probably not tonight. I've got circles burned into my retinas. ;)
I'll plan on giving it a try tomorrow.

I'm not touching it for a few days.

Actually, I'm starting on the melee mech (for better or worse) tomorrow.  I have some ideas that might make one playable.


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