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This morning's screenshot of the latest build. :)

There are a variety of "flavor object" groups that we'll be using, the "junk objects" being the ones you saw before.  Now these are the new "mainframe objects," and there are a variety of other groups coming, too.  These are called flavor objects because they don't do anything other than provide destructible cover and block line of sight, and one is the same as the next.  These are distinct from, say, actual meaningful computer systems (which look different and turn to face you) that have a gameplay function.

Also shown here you can now see the final lighting on a number of bots, and you can see the "you can't shoot this far" attack overlay over the TeslaBot, which my mouse (unseen) is hovering over.  There's another TeslaBot down in the bottom left in the FOW, so it's just glowing on sensors.

Also you can see in the log to the upper right the new credits currency that you earn from killing enemies.  I said you got nothing from killing enemies, but since then that's changed.  There is now a central store where you can buy Epic and Rare items (using the common item rarity system found in lots of games) using credits.

And lastly, thanks to Teal_Blue and some others, you can see the portrait of your current commander down on the bottom left of your sidebar. :)

Bots look good. :) The one on sensors looks really neat with the outline.

One thing I can't tell from this screenshot is which bot you're aiming with. You said that there's an "you can't shoot this far" overlay on the TeslaBot, but from looking at it I have no idea which bot that's relative to. Is it the one with the health bar showing?

Yep, my exo is the brawler up in the top left corner with the health bar showing.  The health bar can show on anyone, it's just that way because I'm damaged at the moment.

You can see that his picture matches on the left sidebar in terms of which one is selected.  The picture is a portrait shot there, but the colors match.

When you first start a mission it is just your exo alone, so it's pretty obvious what is what.  You can also press H to center on your exo.  When you move it also centers on them.  If you hold shift it shows the attack ranges coming from them, with what is in range and what is not.  If you hover over them it does not give the attack symbol, but rather just shows nothing.

So in practice it's pretty obvious what is you, but I can see why it would be confusing in the screenshot. :)

Ah, okay.

You have four exos, right? Can they all be out at once?

You do have four exos, but they warp in and out when you choose one; so only one out at once.  In multiplayer there is one per player, so with 4 players it would be 4 exos.


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