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Score-based puzzle, pretty hard. Feedback welcome!

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--- Quote from: jkefka on April 16, 2010, 02:21:50 pm ---Ah, you're right about the drag-and-drop.  It does work for me, I just didn't know it was there.  You could probably make that transparent just by adding a little line to make that look like a title bar, so people recognize it as something you can drag around.
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Yea, I used to have it in a box but then we switched the underlying window implementation; not sure we can put lines wherever we want on that one.

--- Quote ---As for the block-swapping, I was thinking either the click-one-and-then-the-other method or the drag and drop method would work.  I personally would prefer the drag-and-drop just because it feels a little more intuitive for me, but I also figured that it might be harder to implement.
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Click-and-click would be easier to implement, yes.

--- Quote ---New general game hitch, though: I'm getting all kinds of glitches trying to change my resolution.  That's likely to be a macbook thing, I'll pin down exactly what the symptoms are and put it in a bug rept.
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Please do, it's currently pretty messy in fullscreen mode, though windowed should be fine.  Not sure about macs though. 

--- Quote ---I only bring this up because if I could push up to a slightly higher resolution the window would be out of the way, as you can see it's currently just a little awkwardly big on my screen.
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Is it on 1024x768 right now? In windowed mode it should allow up to 1280x768.

--- Quote ---Oh, I had another idea I forgot to mention: while the drop-down block select, direction select, special block select thing works pretty well, I actually found myself wishing for a kind of palette, at least for the color blocks.
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Yea, initially it really was a palette with everything on there, but you had to scroll vertically even on the largest res, which is not good imo.  A separate color palette window would be cool but the windowing system gets really bork-bork-bork when you get into overlapping windows, etc.  Right now I'm wrestling with the tooltips on the game style dropdowns on quick game and custom game, and I can't get the silly things to draw in the right order, since an engine-internal thread so helpfully handles the draw order of windows for me, and apparently a call to "BringToFront" is more of a suggestion.  All that to say that separate palette windows could have its own problems :)

--- Quote ---Also, while using the arrow keys for navigating around the grid is not a bad idea (are you planning to give it the option of a keyboard-only interface at some point?)
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The game is playable via keyboard (currently the G key is emit-stream, F+arrow-keys is direction-change, and V+arrow-keys is reverse-direction-change, working on the keyboard rebinding UI soon).  I imagine most editor UI functions will be key-bindable at some point, though some things are better suited to mouse.

--- Quote ---I would actually prefer the arrow keys be hotkeys for the direction of the block you're placing.  Obviously this is suboptimal for the bidirectional blocks, but for your standard up/down/left/right blocks I think it would be just a little quicker.
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Give F+arrow-keys a try :)

F + arrow keys works, but I have to move the arrow cursor to the placed block in order to do it and it feels a little awkward because the cursor moves off the block when it changes direction (I would find it more intuitive if it stayed on the block until you took your finger off the "F" key).  

That wasn't actually my idea, though.  I was thinking, for the purposes of editor mode, that the arrow keys could basically be used as hotkeys for the directions in the "directions" drop-down menu, i.e. not for blocks that are currently on the board, but for the next block you are about to place.  That would make it so you wouldn't have to go back to the drop-down menu every time you wanted to put down a block facing a different direction.  It's just one of those little things that feels like it should be there and isn't.

EDIT: speaking of hotkeys, you could hotkey 1-9 for colors selection and make it really quick to pick your next block.  Red block facing left? 3 - L arrow - click!

Yea, I was thinking that keybinding the main palette choices would be a great thing :)

I haven't been able to get enough points yet, but I've been able to clear all the blocks and get 60,360 points with the attached solution (start at the slightly off-color cyan block). Tough puzzle. It's interesting to see how you start getting a feel for the puzzle as you're going along. :P

This may seem like a dumb question... but where exactly do i put it? :)


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