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Score-based puzzle, pretty hard. Feedback welcome!

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I made a User Puzzles folder in my copy of the game and put them there. \Tidalis\RuntimeData\Logic\LevelFolders\User Puzzles

I'll update the forum thread with this information.

I really like this new type of puzzle 'rule' going to try it out!  ;D

I have not added this one to the Community Brainteasers for official version 1.005, unlike the other puzzles that were submitted so far, mainly because this one is old enough and score dependent that I'm not sure if it still works in the latest versions of the game.  If someone can verify if it does (I stink at puzzles), I'll be happy to include this in the next round of community brainteasers packaged with the game.   Or, if this doesn't work with the score changes, but jkefka wants to tweak it for the new rules, then that's cool too.

Just wanted to note why it wasn't put in!  Two others from jkefka were, though.


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