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--- Quote from: ptarth on August 24, 2016, 01:07:15 am ---A thought on Rex. If you kill with a missile, you get a 100% to get a missile...

--- End quote ---
That would be a very interesting addition for Rex, but I always thought that effect had to be on the missile launcher itself instead of the mech. Was I wrong?

I think you can get around that by having various systems that cause other systems to give it to the missile system or to elsewise arrange the effect, but I haven't worked through the logic. Alternatively, you can give the Rex level up Perks that are unique missile systems that have the effect.

Just did a quick test of these, still gotta play runs with them, though.

Missile Mech Rex

I think the concept of a missile focused mech, but I think the mech needs more missile based technology. If this mech had special missile style weapons or abilities then it could work. For example, and I'm plucking this out of the air -- plus the current charge system in the game needs work -- but let's say the player could hold the missile button to charge missiles, so you could choose to do a normal missile attack or a massive missile attack that would clear the screen, but use a ton of missiles, then something likt that might be cool. Basically, it just needs to scream missiles more and have some cool gimmick about it.


I like the concept of double main guns. It might actually work better if the secondary main weapon replaced your energy weapon. It would be even more game-changey then, and aesthetically easier to manage I think. Cool idea, though!


Very interesting concept! This could actually work as a new mech to come with the eventual perk overhaul. Ptarth also has some weird chaos weapon that could fit on to this that might be a nice addition too. Definitely interested in this idea.


I didn't test this much, but it's basically a mech risky assassin? Not bad, a glass cannon ninja sort of thing? This could work, but I think there'd need to be something a bit extra stuck in there. Maybe something like a stealth field that makes all enemies unaware of your presence (yeah, how we'd code that I don't know, heh). Something cool and assassiny.

Overall very cool stuff. The roulette guy in particular might be the perfect style mech to introduce into the game alongside the perk overhaul. Although, that's a long way away and I can't promise anything of course. I still need to do a lot more testing. Thanks!


--- Quote from: Pepisolo on August 31, 2016, 10:15:13 am ---Just did a quick test of these, still gotta play runs with them, though.

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Yeah, poor Rex doesn't have enough missiles in his diet. Currently he's basically a missile-themed White Gloss, which is a bit underwhelming. Hm, but now that Redshift changed to the same secondary, I guess I could change Rex's to something else. Hm, I might have an idea.

For Arsenal, the implementation you described would be much more balanced gameplay-wise and cleaner ui-wise. I almost removed his current energy weapon before I released him, but decided against it in the end because using an energy weapon (even for short periods of time) is a nice change of pace.

Roulette I can't wait to update after the perk overhaul. Even more chaos at levelups! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how the game will change at that point.

Penumbra, he was created because I wanted to practice doing runs with the Risky Assassin incredibility, but that's a pain to get in shops every single time. So I gave him a very similar set of abilities and toned them down compared to the real thing. It's much more forgiving than a Risky Assassin run though, so maybe my initial idea got lost along the way. Oh well, it's still fun. As for a little extra, he actually has quite a few that were not listed per say. Jr has an immunity to all hazards including wall lasers, turrets and even mines explosions (not spikes though :P) but most important, he has a greatly reduced hitbox that allows him to slip by unscathed where others would have fallen. I did plan on doing something along the lines of what you describe (a tad different), but for another mech. It's unfortunate I don't have the know-how to make it happen though, that fifth mech would have been pretty unique in playstyle.

Hey, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the quatuor and I hope you enjoy your runs with them. :)

Updated Rex to v1.2, giving him a much more fitting energy weapon, readjusting his starting energy capacity and rising his chances of getting a missile on kills. Hope you like shooting missiles around, because you're gonna be doing a lot more of that now. :)

I also updated the mech pack with Rex's latest version.


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