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Ptarth suggested that I make an All-in-one mech pack... So I did just that, because it's a great idea. That is all. :P

I want 10% as comission. ;)

I think I'm done fighting with bug fixing for the day and am going to give you guys another shot. Thanks for making them and sharing.

Just did a few runs of each of these mechs.

I love the Arsenal. More gun is better gun. Couldn't be better.

(Note: Rex really isn't my style, so take this with a big fat grain of salt)
Not sure the Rex quite works. I felt compelled to leave missiles lying around the map as supplementary storage, and the 10% chance wasn't high enough to make me willing to use missiles outside of very tough situations.
This may be my hoarder tendencies at work.
Something that may be interesting would be removing missile drops entirely, and bumping the %missile on kill way up.

The Alpha.
Uh, Roulette is fitting all right. The Alpha is hilarious, but also can be broke as shit if you get lucky. Mayyybe take the upper tier perks out of the low level lists? Getting Beast Mode at level 2 AND 3 is really quite something.

The Penumbra is pretty cool, and a great deal of fun to play.
Gotta say though, caltrops suuuuuuck when you have 1 health. A lot of rooms that are really annoying for the Redshift become really annoying AND really dangerous for the Penumbra.
Maybe give the risky assassin modifier where hazards can't hurt you?
Maybe a toned down version where they can hurt but not kill you?


--- Quote from: Monkooky on August 23, 2016, 07:27:55 pm ---Just did a few runs of each of these mechs.


--- End quote ---
It's a pleasure to hear feedback on those little guys. I played a bunch with each of them, but I was very curious as to how they would fare with other players and different playstyles.

Arsenal: Happy to see people like this one. It was created on the spur of the moment and is still rough around the edges so to say.

Rex: If you leave at least one missile spot free at all times, his passive usually does a good job of regularly sending extra missiles your way, but I agree that his passive tend to be a bit too passive. I might bump it again up to 12% or simply switch to 1 missile per X kills to add some consistency to it. Not sure which way I'm gonna go with it yet.

Alpha: Oh yeah, balance quickly goes out the window with this one. Another name I considered for it was "Isaac". :P (For the record, I adore BoI) One thing though, is that those lapses in balance can go both ways. Getting no damage perk for the first 5-6 levels (or at all) really put the emphasis on the "Roulette" name. I'm afraid limiting the chance for crazy good stuff to happen would only highlight and intensify the chance for bad luck. The incoming re-balancing of Brute and Beast Mode should help improve things here.

Penumbra: Funny thing is, he already has Hazard Immunity. Try running into a wall laser or a turret shot. But just like his riskier brother, Jr can still die by caltrops. Unfortunately, currently the only way to avoid spike damage is to be completely impervious to all damages (like phasing).

Anyway, I already had to write this post twice because of a silly mistake of mine, so I'll just post it now.
Big thanks to you for trying these and taking the time to send feedback my way!

Caltrops are something that we have on our list, but haven't gotten around to deal with.
A thought on Rex. If you kill with a missile, you get a 100% to get a missile...


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