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Enemies, we need more!

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--- Quote from: Tolc on January 26, 2016, 01:08:21 pm ---
--- Quote from: Cinth on January 26, 2016, 09:38:33 am ---Ptarth mentioned that a sword n board mech might be neat.
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Yeah, I had the idea of a melee mech as well and it might be quite interesting.

@enemies: Sounds interesting. Maybe I'll try to wrap my head around that XML stuff sometime time this week, before I got to learn for exams again next week. No promises, though.

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I already have a concept and theme written up for one.  I'm 99% sure it would be a hit. I just want to finish Nova before starting to work on it.


* Did someone ask for low level enemies? This is the moment I was made for!
* Do you have some art that would be used for these you can show us to see if anything catches are attention?
* I get a lot of inspiration by looking at shots and art.
* Hence my Chomper Mech, which is hilarious.
* I also saw a shot that made an awesome gold fish, which is coming.
* There are a strange lack of beam weapons too. I wanted to create something with a continuous firing beam that sweeps over areas, but haven't managed much luck on that front.

 Um, can you or Chris make available the ships images that are "on reserve" at the moment, somewhere?

 Looking through some of them, might give me ideas. I'm not sure if you guys have circular, asymmetrical or symmetrical designs in addition to the bog-standard bilateral symmetric images.

I'll ask him about getting you guys image access.   It's stored on Google Drive or whatever and thus requires passwords and whatnot.   There's alot of ship art unused.  Alot of it. 

Yeah, I haven't done an enemy since Bulldog and Bullrush and I really need to get back into doing some new stuff. The sound effects took a lot longer than expected, and I've GOT to get some hard mode patterns done for the minibosses -- that is way overdue!


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