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Enemies, we need more!

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Okay, so, we're at post 1.0, and there's some stuff that could be touched up a bit to improve things:  One of those things is enemy variation.

After some internal discussion with Chris, enemy variation has basically been determined to be an important thing right now.  Some enemies are just appearing too often!  Which means that their category needs to be filled out more.  For example, those things that fire the green angled beams?  Yeah, those are EVERYWHERE.  As a rule, it's low-category enemies that are having this issue.  Like, the local guards or the small wanderers or whatever.

Now, I myself am not good at coming up with "simpler" enemies and actually keeping them INTERESTING.   Something like that bulldog thing, for instance:  I like that one alot, but I *never* would have come up with it.   I"m good at making things go bonkers and am going to try to focus a bit on getting in some more high-end things like Fearsomes or 5x5 chaos adders.  You know.... so that Sideshots arent appearing QUITE as often.  Haha.

But yeah, we need more of these interesting little guys.  For all floors of the game, though the absolute lowest floors are the most important at the moment.  And in a couple of cases, if we get more enemies in certain categories, there's certain already-existing enemies that I'd like to shift upwards in terms of floors.  Those green angled things, for instance.  Get that category a bit more filled out, and I'll probably move them up a bit so they're not on floors 1/2.

So..... yeah.  Obviously, you all that's into the modding stuff here and submitting things dont have to do any of this, I just figured I'd let you all know what we most need right now.  And I'm going to be taking a stab at a few of the small guys myself even though it's not my specialty.   Surely I can think of at least a few things.  That wont then become Blaze Cannons or Chargers.

Of course, that being said, we'll still be looking at any submissions, really.  XML stuff or rooms, or whatever.   This is just what seems to be most needed right now.

Yeah, not my cup of tea either. 

That and I've got my own project Mech and one more I'll probably do.  I've still got a boss idea to attempt and puzzle rooms to try and make.  So much stuff I still have to learn about in XML (I'm slooow).

I have actually mentioned to Chris that you've been doing the mech thing, and once it's done I'm going to have a full go at it myself, and then send it his way to test out.  I, personally, think that if we could get the game to, say, 9 mechs instead of 6, that actually might be a very helpful thing for replayability.  6 seems a bit low to me. So.... if you are enjoying making those, there's no reason to stop!  I think you're the only one working on these right now.  They're definitely out of my realm, that's for sure.  And nobody on the dev team is doing this right now.  We're all focused on.... every aspect that isnt mechs.

Lol.  If I can get Nova balanced, that might be an ok addition.  I probably need to chat with Chris about what I should generally do and not do.

I'm actually uploading a vid now that has Nova vs Warden.  Sigh...

Ptarth mentioned that a sword n board mech might be neat.  That's going to be the next combination I try (though it might just be for him if it turns out wonky).


--- Quote from: Cinth on January 26, 2016, 09:38:33 am ---Ptarth mentioned that a sword n board mech might be neat.
--- End quote ---

Yeah, I had the idea of a melee mech as well and it might be quite interesting.

@enemies: Sounds interesting. Maybe I'll try to wrap my head around that XML stuff sometime time this week, before I got to learn for exams again next week. No promises, though.


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