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--- Quote from: vehementi on June 23, 2013, 03:51:30 pm ---I played on E/E/N just now with 20 turn rounds (i.e. harder scoring unfortunately).

All I do now to start is build a 2nd town, a guard tower for both towns, and 6 incense, since they are the most expensive & valuable resource.  Then on the real turns I just keep building as much clay and incense as possible, and drop minotaurs and whatever I can scrounge (light elves / giants / valkyries) beside any bandit forts that come up.  A single minotaur giant or light elf will suppress a fort forever basically.

I had a hard time getting through the first score gate but that's probably because it was a 20 turn game (I wish the score gate targets would adjust to the # of turns).  However since I didn't have any military units, I could drop any myth tokens with impunity for free points (even pandora's box doesn't increase woe rate because nobody picks up the buff).

Around turn 35/60, I got the mass extinction thing (bans red/blue myth creatures but not bandit myth creatures) which rocked my world and made me build my first farms.  I spammed like 6 barracks per side in some back town and they all got super from the tokens from before and were able to handle the bandits.  The adamantium guy I had to quarantine on an island.

It sorta kept me on my toes for the rest of the game but the last 6 turns I just sped through because I had met the final score gate by like turn 45/60 and just neutered the world with god effects (score penalties not hurting me) and fast forwarded because I knew nothing would do anything much less wipe out an entire side.

I guess overall it was not challenging at all (except the start) because I only lost 1 town (+1 town when a 6 milion damage superman got out of captivity and destroyed all the buildings in one turn before I locked him up again).  There was no possibility that I would lose given that I could smite 6 tiles per turn if I needed to, and how I kept expanding (spend 3 actions on 3/4 of a landbridge, spend 1st action of blue on 4th land tile, 5th action on town center, 6th action on guard tower).

Overall I feel that being able to place mythological creatures anywhere on the map makes the game pretty trivial if you have the resources to build mythological creatures.  Since all normal units are utterly worthless against all the bandit superheroes in the first place, and take forever to get built and move anywhere, I really don't see a reason to build anything but mythologicals.

--- End quote ---

It gets harder on higher difficulties, believe me.

I tend to use myth stuffs alot myself, and usually have a good number of seers, diamond mines, and the various other things that those guys need to be summoned, but...  yeah, I cant just spam them.  I have to be careful with the placement, because my towns *will* get damaged/wrecked, so I cant just keep up a totally crazy supply of incense and whatnot the whole time.  I need those human units, definitely.   Particularly since the bandits are both A: really strong and B: absolutely everywhere.   The bandit keeps spawn pretty frequently, the bandits all have bloodlust, and they like to spawn really nasty things like siege drills or that irritating archer.  And myth units often need to be leveled before they can jump into those fights without instantly dying and thus wasting their cost.

It's also worth keeping in mind that human units can use things like ruins, tokens, and such, and there are also some buildings that can give them a bit of a boost when they spawn, like the one that adds 3 AP to their max in whatever town it's in.

This is on an H/H/H game, currently.    It's quite challenging.

Anyway though, all of this is exactly why I'd brought up the whole human unit differentiation topic, with the idea of giving them more unique traits and abilities as opposed to their rather weak damage bonuses.  Though they'd still ideally be definitely not as strong as myth types, but still have more use.   I see in the upcoming patch notes that one of the greek archer units is getting a 4x bonus against myth types.... that's exactly the sort of thing human units need, is changes like that, so hopefully we'll be seeing more of those.

By E/E/N do you mean expert/expert/normal or easy/easy/normal?

I think he meant Expert, but it is a bit confusing. I hereby declare that Expert/Expert/Normal will now be designated as X/X/N for all future posts.

Sorry, I was indeed playing on expert / expert / normal with 20 turn rounds.

Now playing on expert / insane / normal with 30 turn rounds with 2 player co-op.  We started out building 1 extra town, 1 tower per town, and the rest incense (15) for frost giant faction, and only 11 incense for minotaur faction because a smelter + iron mines require so much cut stone.  First and second turn we placed all woodcutters and then just focused on building clay/incense.  By turn 2 or 3 when the first bandit keep spawned we were able to drop mythologicals (minotaurs and light elves) on them with ease, producing >1.0 mythologicals worth of incense/pottery/steel per turn from then on.

We're well into the gods time and nothing has threatened us yet realisticalyl (we've lost buildings here and there and the first town), though the level 3 frost giants that spawn in bandit keeps are a pain in the ass now.  We have not built a barracks.   We even hit the woe that blew up all towns except 1 for each faction and just saved up our actions the turn before and placed 2 new towns per faction and some towers "just in case".

Spamming mythological creatures is not a problem because you can always counter spam.  The problem with normal units is that you cannot quickly place them, place them where you want, have them do what you want etc.  Whereas if, oh crap there's a bandit fort behind me, I can drop 2 minotaurs / frost giants on it no matter what.

We have so many resources it's silly.  We expand to a new town every 3-5 turns for each faction.  A woe came and wiped out red's 1000 of each resource and we barely noticed.  A lot of the time we expand because there's nothing else to do (we're farming bandit points from all the keeps and have long since blown out of the final score gate, don't need any particular resource, could drop all the myth & god tokens in one turn, etc.)

I'm wondering if an insane general difficulty is needed.  I was able to win on expert/expert/expert on my first try.  I didn't seem super easy, but I also don't think I played particularly well.  I doubt expert/insane/insane would be that difficult for a strategy veteran playing with a good strategy.  I'm not sure how many people are actually trying these harder difficulties though.  It doesn't seem like very many. 


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