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I tried the whole 3:2 thing, but it seems to me that anything that isn't siege is pretty much going to feed the bandits power.

I think I'll try starting directly with siege. It's just annoying that the guys seem to ignore the bandit keep right near them to zoom past and siege the enemy towns instead.

I understand the whole "you need to build siege in order to take down the keeps" thing, but you are hopeless if the keeps are behind or to the side of you it seems.

I'm really thinking commandment should work on keeps, but instead of it calling ALL the military over to it (way too exploitable), it should just "taunt" all the military within a certain radius.


--- Quote from: Mick on May 27, 2013, 09:43:20 am ---I'm really thinking commandment should work on keeps, but instead of it calling ALL the military over to it (way too exploitable),it should just "taunt" all the military within a certain radius.

--- End quote ---

Now that's an idea. Something for Mantis?
I would vote for this...

May be not taunt in a radius but rather attract N closest? If a keep is spawned in an odd place it's quite likely that there is NO ONE in the radius.

I'm finding that non-siege units are more important than I'd originally thought here.

My current game is on the tiny lake-heavy map, the one with the name I cant remember.   Crazy map, that.   An H/N/N game to be exact.

I'm on turn 21.   I've had 6 bandit keeps pop up, and generally these were close to each other.... heck, 3 of them popped up in a perfect line.

But anyway, the very first thing I did was send as many human units at them as I could;  I think I had 3 military buildings setup on both red and blue side within 5 turns, which then charged at the first and second bandit keeps. 

It was important for one reason: they got early kills against bandits, and hit level 4 quickly.  Thus giving them more chance against further bandits, and increasing the chances of being able to keep those jerks from actually escaping their forts.   Though I think this particular tactic might be a bit easier on a large map.... as it's hard for red and blue to also get kills VS each other on this tiny map (which is also important on Hard) when bandit keeps are directly in the way.... but it still worked out to hold them off for a time and generate some units on each side that were pretty powerful.

Another thing that really helped here was Nemean Lion.   That's a very effective token!  Even if level 1 units grab it, it's still useful.  They're bound to get a couple of bandit kills REALLY fast after grabbing it, so they'll level-up immediately, particularly if you used it in the right spot.   Important to remember that like any token that works on units it can be grabbed by either side!

I think it wasnt until nearly turn 15 or so that I started to try to get siege units going on either side.   I mighta started earlier, but I also had the Divine Summons woe approaching, and used Pandora's Box to speed it up since it was going to take 15 turns to get there.   Pandora's is also useful if there's alot of mountains around as it makes for units that can chase escaping bandits through those mountains.   But of course, the triple-speed woes aspect of it is dangerous. 

Also ranged units, both human, and mythological (if you can get any out during this time; I'm typically slow to start that up based on my playstyle) are great at picking off new bandits to get kills and thus levels without worrying about counter damage, which can be a major problem for any melee unit attacking a keep.

There's probably more tips I could give, but those are the ones that I can remember.   There's been lots of destruction in my current game so far, 1 red city got utterly flattened when the blasted Spies woe went off and another red one got half-flattened because a bandit siege unit managed to escape and go bonkers, but currently I still now have 3 cities on each side and not TOO much lunacy going on.  Pretty confident I should hit the age of monsters without major trouble now that that initial storm was survived.

I played on E/E/N just now with 20 turn rounds (i.e. harder scoring unfortunately).

All I do now to start is build a 2nd town, a guard tower for both towns, and 6 incense, since they are the most expensive & valuable resource.  Then on the real turns I just keep building as much clay and incense as possible, and drop minotaurs and whatever I can scrounge (light elves / giants / valkyries) beside any bandit forts that come up.  A single minotaur giant or light elf will suppress a fort forever basically.

I had a hard time getting through the first score gate but that's probably because it was a 20 turn game (I wish the score gate targets would adjust to the # of turns).  However since I didn't have any military units, I could drop any myth tokens with impunity for free points (even pandora's box doesn't increase woe rate because nobody picks up the buff).

Around turn 35/60, I got the mass extinction thing (bans red/blue myth creatures but not bandit myth creatures) which rocked my world and made me build my first farms.  I spammed like 6 barracks per side in some back town and they all got super from the tokens from before and were able to handle the bandits.  The adamantium guy I had to quarantine on an island.

It sorta kept me on my toes for the rest of the game but the last 6 turns I just sped through because I had met the final score gate by like turn 45/60 and just neutered the world with god effects (score penalties not hurting me) and fast forwarded because I knew nothing would do anything much less wipe out an entire side.

I guess overall it was not challenging at all (except the start) because I only lost 1 town (+1 town when a 6 milion damage superman got out of captivity and destroyed all the buildings in one turn before I locked him up again).  There was no possibility that I would lose given that I could smite 6 tiles per turn if I needed to, and how I kept expanding (spend 3 actions on 3/4 of a landbridge, spend 1st action of blue on 4th land tile, 5th action on town center, 6th action on guard tower).

Overall I feel that being able to place mythological creatures anywhere on the map makes the game pretty trivial if you have the resources to build mythological creatures.  Since all normal units are utterly worthless against all the bandit superheroes in the first place, and take forever to get built and move anywhere, I really don't see a reason to build anything but mythologicals.


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