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951 BR - N/N/N/40 game on Ruins Rush

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Going to update this periodically as a I play. Running Normal/Normal/Normal on Ruins Rush.

== Turn 0 ==


* Need 2000 points by the end of the round, sounds easy enough.
* Blue has a serial killer coming in 11 turns.

== Turn 3 ==


*  Marauder gets 3x movement points from ruin. Now has 30AP (at 3 points per attack). Wow!
** It appears that Norse melee are way better than Greek from a cursory glance, simply because they have much more AP in general. I regret giving Norse 2 barracks and Greek only one. I will rectify.

== Turn 10 ==


* Score is 240. Making good progress.
* Blue serial killer comes next turn. This is good timing, because the blue military is a bit ahead (I suppose Norse having more attacks doesn't mean much when there are counter attacks, hah!)
* Red has a new town that is gearing up to bring out a couple axe throwers. Blue has an archery in his second town but is pumping up his rocks and iron a bit with it instead of concentrating on military.
* Attached "Mick 10" save to show current situation.

== Turn 14 ==


* A bandit leevl 2 Oxybele is causing me a lot of grief. Killing two buildings in my Norse town a turn (for not points!) A situation I must deal with immediately.
* Red has a new town that will start with siege units. Probably should have done that sooner.
* Blue serial killer is ending in a turn.
* Upheaval is in 12 turns. I got rid of a mountain next to one of my towns earlier when I saw this was coming.

Went to eat dinner. Came back. New version. The year is now 952 BR.

Will continue shortly...

== Turn 21 ==

* Save attached.
* The bandit keep in the middle was taken out in a temporary alliance between the red and blue forces. Red kept them busy while blue sneaked in a Trojan horse from behind. They immediately when back to being enemies.
* Red's initial town, Aker, is now only useful for generating basic resources as all military facilities have been destroyed.
* Score is 590.
* Red's siege production has started and and is moving along nicely. The immediately plan is to build a school so the catapults can be better at the math needed to land their targets.
* Blue has been building like 5 billion ranches cause who doesn't love horses? (Apparently, Norse)
* Upheaval in 4 turns, will make sure to clean up any nasty mountains with blue's actions.

== Turn 31 ==

* 1,655 Points
* Goal is within reach, especially since blue has a swarm of trojan horses's buckling down toward red's westernmost town. Been building land bridges to help them get around units in the way.
* Red has a bunch of catapults flying in from the east.
* Red is chopping down trees left and right in order to support all these catapults, pretty much building nothing but woods to keep them coming.
* Will have to think about myth units soon, been building a few resources here and there for them.
* Save attached.

== Turn 35 ==

* Gave Norse a frost giant to cull back the west assault a bit. Seems not worth it, I'll just build overpowered marauders instead.

== Turn 39 ==

* Save attached.
* Score is 7,915, well ahead of what I need. I should be easily able to reach 10,000 by the end of age of monsters.
* End goal is 20,000, but I have to scale back my fighting a bit because survival looks like it actually might be a concern. Buildings are falling left and right and resources keep getting needed to be replaced. THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE!!!
* 2 turns left in farmer revolt, blue inside job coming in 9 turns (not looking forward to that at all).
* Red is pretty much winning at the moment overall, but they have a weak west flank and that's hurting them bad. I'm placing giants to slow it down.
* I'm going to stop building siege completely and focus on getting way more melee and ranged into the mess. They are good at slowing things down if they can clog things up.
* I'll consider planting myth tokens right next to the siege industries to try and bring them to a halt if it is necessary.

== Turn 40 ==

* Blue gets Pan (YES! red is slowed a little!
* Red gets Ullr and makes catapults even more of a pain. I'll see if he can die first.

== Turn 41 ==

* I use the bow to move Ullr into a more dangerous area because I don't have many red archers anyway. Wow there are a super easy way to get points.
* Pan moves toward his pipes. Yay for nerfing units! (Apparently Pan will override the Bow bonus, good to know)

Extra note: I'm not sure if the sight range nerf is working.

== Turn 48 ==

* Score 19,785. The end score will be trivial to reach at this point.
* Ultima in 10 turns, this is going to be a threat to my survival depending on which cities get spared. Will it be one of my walled out ones, or will it be one that is nearly dead thereby quickly ending the game? So basically, I will win or lose based on the roll of the dice maybe? A bit anti-climactic if.
** The best I can do I think is make sure that I have lots of city spots to build and 9 AP saved up for both sides.
* Save attached.


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