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951 BR - N/N/N/40 game on Ruins Rush

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== Turn 58 ==

* Save attached
* Score 35, 515
* Apparently Ultima blasts away all the UNITS too. Nice. I was beginning to think that my attempt to smolder all the towns I don't want with frost giants and chimeras was a bad plan, but it looks like I succeeded in blowing up more score. The towns remaining happen to be the last two I placed, so that's cool.
* Should be easy-breezy from this point. Hard to believe I'm only 1/2 way done...

== Turn 63 ==

* Save attached.
* Fury of the gods in 8 turns.. that should be cute, the gods are far away form everything. :D
* Except for a bandit tower that's on the complete other side of the world, maybe they will go kill that instead.
* Red and blue are butted up RIGHT next to each other, but they have a wall of towers between them and they only have missile units to sling rocks at those towers. That should keep them busy for a while.


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