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Sounds great man, looking forward to a potential "future Bolero" and who knows what else with your spin on it down the line further.  Oddly enough, the Wii game Little King's Story had nearly their entire soundtrack as Public Domain pieces---the intro outright is full-on classical Bolero.

Digging the originals thus far!

so story: i made my friend listen to some tracks i made using fruity loop and he reccommended introducing them to an indie game development company, and he gave me a link to this one, i can give you one (or more) of the tracks i made as a sample to see if you want anything to do with them.

I use fruity loops 9 xxl producers edition, i then export to an mp3 file

Ya, I really like the music in AI War and A Valley Without Wind.  It's the kind of stuff I'd want in my own games even.

(Can't necro a sticky, nya~!) /fan

 :)nice!!! Pablo Vega

I really enjoy this music....  :)

Pablo Vega, your music in AI War is amazing! really...

You've mentioned a bit earlier (two years ago), that maybe you would release some sheets if you have time. Did you find the time? I would really enjoy to play some of songs on the piano.


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