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Hello Everyone!

 My name is Pablo Vega and I'm the Composer and Sound Designer for Arcen Games. I'm starting this thread to talk about the music and sound of our games in more depth, and to have a place for everyone to ask questions.

 Working with Arcen has been a dream come true, and as we continue to work on more games, I'd love to share some insight on my work with all of you. So, feel free to post any questions and I will do my very best to respond quickly.

Thank you all again for your continued support.

There will also be continued discussion about music on my facebook music page: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Pablo-Vega-Music/105436296179600?ref=mf

Be sure to check out the music page for previews of upcoming game soundtracks (including the re-mastered soundtrack of AI War: Fleet Command and AI War: The Zenith Remnant).

Wooot! Awesome Pablo!

I've already told you this, but the intro themes for AI War and Tidalis (Tidalis in particular) are works of pure awesomeness. I, however, didn't like the intro to Zenith Remnant as much though. The AI War in game music is hit and miss really, with many I like and a few I cringe a bit at. All in all though I feel you are pretty epic as far as music goes ;)

Well, I appreciate all complements and criticisms. Being able to look at your music objectively is the only way to become better, so I appreciate your honesty! If you have any specific qualms about some tracks, I'd love to hear it! I don't get easily offended about negative comments (unless they're blatantly cruel, like "Your music sucks" haha), so I'd love to discuss!

Cool! If i ever have time, i'll go through and comment on some of your works for AI war and Tidalis.

One thing that does spring to mind is that the song for the cave levels in Tidalis sounds a lot like a christmas song, not sure which though.

Haha, I love Christmas music! If you can think of which song it is, let me know.


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