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I'm a music buff myself, and I really enjoy your work. Yours is one of the only game ost's I listen to outside or inside the game.

The only criticism I have is the Zenith Remnant vocal samples that play every single time I load the game, it gets annoying :D

Just dropping by to offer words of praise for your works--a lot of the game atmosphere is derived from your music, and I'm eager to hear more from you Pablo!

Well I appreciate all the comments! I'm not sure what vocal samples you're talking about? Is it the ones in the "Heart Of Zenith" or "Fire And Iron" tracks? If so, they will be done much better in the re-mastered tracks which will be available to you in a couple months.

If it's the taunts, then those are just set in play, sorry about that.

Thanks again though for the compliments :)

I think he's referring to the "noise" on startup of Zenith Remnant-only AI War. Then the vocal samples that say "We've discovered the Zenith Remnant"...

They are pretty much the reason I don't like the ZR theme song. Also, it's a lot more diminutive than the vanilla AI War theme. There was something very epic about the stock theme...with the background pads and strong cello. Actually a very compelling reason for me to originally buy the game after I downloaded the demo. The music was GREAT for an indy game. Tell Chris that, Pablo, and he'll be happy and give you a raise! xD

Haha, awesome!

The re-mastered tracks don't have the "We've discovered the Zenith Remnant" dialogue in it. As far as I knew, I thought that was only playing in the trailer and no longer in the actual track? Oh well, that's going to be fixed.

There is something to be said about having a very stoic melody/theme for the title music of a game. As Zenith Remnant was an expansion, I thought it more a continuation of the original soundtrack, and so didn't give it that same kind of feel. But, you've definitely given me a lot to think about.

I feel like a lot of my music is "underscoring" and would be great for film, but as I compose for video games more and more I realize how important it is to have those driving melodies. Chris and I had a very long discussion about that before composing for "Tidalis". And, as you can tell from the music, all those tracks are very melody driven.

Chris has told me he thinks I'm doing a good job haha, thanks though!


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