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Created a server to celebrate the game launching, titled Hades. It's set to Hero difficulty for combat, and I Am The Guy for platforming. I'm intending it to be a difficult yet rewarding server to progress on, with combat not completely unreasonable, yet difficult.

It's running off of my mac mini, so it should be up 24/7 unless something happens to my internet/electricity.

I saw the list of admin commands within the encyclopedia, but there was nothing about limiting the ability to change difficulties. Is there commands for that, or is it by default that only the admin can change those?

I plan to make this where I play, so the world should progress at least a little every day or two, more on days that I have more free time.

I like to specialize or form roles for myself in games, so in this case, I will be purposely using only Earth and Entropy spells. I'll be farming up a ton of the materials for them once I finish upgrading my current character to the max amount via upgrade stones.

I also will purposely be pursuing every unlock available besides monster grinding, so resources should be unlocked as fast as I have the time to work towards them as well.

One request, when it comes to lieutenants and overlords, lets try and arrange times for taking them down, so everyone gets to benefit from the rare enchants dropping. That and it will be more of a server thing instead of one person deciding that it's time to kill them.

If you hop on, I hope you enjoy your stay!

Nice to see another server popping up.  Doesn't sound like a world that is kind to its players ;)

On the changing difficulty thing, sorry, these were in the release notes after the admin commands article was done:

--- Quote ---* Added the following admin commands:
** grant_player_change_difficulty_permission
** revoke_player_change_difficulty_permission
** set_default_player_change_difficulty_permission
*** These three work a lot like the similar ones for guardian_scroll and glyph_transplant and increase_cp, and control whether or not a player may change the action or platforming difficulty.
** Thanks to TyberZann for the suggestion.
--- End quote ---

Just popped on to this one to test how my Internet handles AVWW (very well apparently). Ran to the nearest mission and was almost completely overrun by vengeful ghosts... Some found it difficult indeed  :D

Welcome to the forums! :)

--- Quote from: Ontogenesis on April 24, 2012, 07:46:20 pm ---Ran to the nearest mission and was almost completely overrun by vengeful ghosts
--- End quote ---
Welcome to the game! ;)

Wow, completely overrun by ghosts? I wonder who it was, then, as I've generated only one ghost so far (blasted urban crawlers!).

Fitting for the server title, though!


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