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Server: Hades

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This server sounds very interesting, but I am unable to join it; it continually times out instead of letting me in to wreak havoc on some clockwork probes. Phooey.

Fix it Freykin! Now!

How odd, I was just on it playing for about an hour. I'm not sure what would be causing the timeouts :/. I'll try refreshing the server, let me know if that helps.

Doesn't seem to have worked. I was only able to join 2 of the 10 servers that I saw up, so it's probably something on my end, but I can't figure out what, nor do I know how to diagnose the problem.

Do you have a firewall running? If so, have you forwarded the ports that AVWW needs? That tends to be the result of most of my networking issues with games, forgetting to forward ports.

Not going to clutter up your server thread with connection troubleshooting!


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