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So, this should be a fun one.  Keith and I have been planning to have more tombstone scattered throughout the world for a while, but to do that we need to build up a collection of fun/funny/sad/poignant/whatever epitaphs to actually put on the graves.  This seems like the "Tip of the Day" thing in AI War, where really it's something that players might have fun submitting an idea or two and getting their name or handle in the game while they're at it.

Epitaphs can be in any format so long as it seems like something you'd plasibly find on a grave.  Your name or handle could be used as the name of the deceased, or incorporated in some other way into the epitaph itself -- feel free to be creative and put it in there however you like!

"Here lies 'random name', who levelled up and died to heat since his/her heat suit got unequipped." *cough*

Martyn van Buren:
Particularly poignant one from a memorial stone at my college: "Here lies.... .  He did all that he could."

"This tombstone is unreadable, blasted clean by the wind."

I'd attempt this but I'm not really in a funny mood right now.  :P Maybe tomorrow.

"Here lies somebody that died"


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