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Perhaps we should do some epitaphs that teach the player a lesson, like in the tutorial.  Loot items such as potions might also be appropriate.

Here lies <playername>, whose formidable potion stock could not save him from an angry mob of <common mob found in that area> as he could only drink so much liquid in a thirty-second period.

"I told you I was ill."

"Something in my inventory could have saved me."

"We all told her not to pull that lever."

"1023 - 1055
Trampled by elephants."

"Your princess is in another grave."

"Never found his princess."

"Died doing what he loved:
Telling heroes their princess
Was in another castle."

"His princess was in another castle,
in the sky."

"Lived storm rushing, died shrunk."

"And so close to mastering the shinespark."

"Here lies zebramatt
Who wouldn't take this,
Even though it was dangerous
to go alone."

"Here lies 'random name', who accidentally changed hotkeybar during an intense fight."

Gallant Dragon:
"Here lies Taihus "The Gallant"
He never did look before leaping"

There seems to be an engraving on the stone of a glyphbearer and an overlord.  The glyphbearer is pulling a lever.  The overlord is laughing.

I'm being reminded of nethack bones files now.


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