Author Topic: [OSX 10.10.2] Game freezes on startup at "gameinit"  (Read 1193 times)

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[OSX 10.10.2] Game freezes on startup at "gameinit"
« on: April 27, 2015, 02:26:15 PM »
Hi, I seem to be having some issues playing this game, some information:

Game version is the most recent one, I use an external monitor, the last time I played this game last year it worked fine, and I have all of the expansions and I have this game on Steam.

When I load up the game it get's to the gameinit part but then freezes at 10%

I've done some research and went through all the steps and tried things that have been advised in the past with this issue such as:

Verifying my game files on steam, files are always fine.
Changing the settings.dat to change the resolutions and turn off widescreen modes, this worked once or twice allowing me to get on and look at the game options.

The first time I managed to get into the game, textures for the background in the menu were missing, instead showing some kind of dotted white and pink pattern, I believe this was fixed when I disabled one of the background options in the game options, I also enabled the preloading of images thinking this would help fix the issue, but after I restarted the game and tried to get back on I gaian ran into the same issue, stuck at gameinit 10.

Then did some further reading, tried deleting my settings files so that I could create a new profile, but still froze at gameinit 10 so I couldn't get to the profile screen. Read about the forcing pre-loads could be an issue on computers with less RAM, but my macbook has 8GB RAM and has never had issues before so I don't think this is what caused the issue.

I read that someone had success uninstallation all the expansions and trying to get into the game, this initially did not work for me and I got the same error, until I downloaded a settings.dat here posted by the dev which again enabled windowed mode (I actually could not find a way to recover my settings when I deleted them the first time, although didn't occur to me just now I probably could of check my trash folder :P).

This got me into the game with no issues at all. So I decided to exit the game and reinstall my DLC, and well, now I'm back to square one, and none of the above solutions seem to be working still, I gather then that there must be an issue with one of the expansions which is causing the game to freeze at startup.

If you need anymore information or logs from the game folder please tell me and i'll attach them.


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Re: [OSX 10.10.2] Game freezes on startup at "gameinit"
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2015, 08:29:43 AM »
Just an update on this, strangely enough without changing anything I seemed to have got it running last night, I've not touched any settings and I've not even closed the game since then for now (as I suspect it may stop working again if I do, if not I shall also report). Otherwise I hope the above information can be of some use.


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