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GFX Mod: Alternate Transport Ship Sprite

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Oh yes... install, extract transport ship rar in your AI War directory, back up the images/ships/transport Ship directory first.

Same style as Colony Ship replacement here ->,2653.0.html

- No animations, 3 frames are identical
- Working color mask
- non-symmetric to some extend

ingame shot shows them both next to each other with size comparision ;)

WOW did you make this?

Did indeed ;p  :D

how, I used paint but it shows the white around the picture, plus I have no idea how to get the color mask to work.

Not with paint (thats not even a real app!) ;p
With Photoshop ;D

Also, i didn't draw these, i rendered them from a 3d model and then just fine-tuned them, the alpha map is done automatically when rendering it in 3d (its a simple option) ;)

If you wanted to really make your own, you have to
1) learn literally painting/drawing pixel art in photoshop with transparency as base
2) learn a 3D-App of your choice, learn how to create shaders, textures, light setups, gi/ao settings and HDRI Maps and of course, you have to model the "sprite" too ;p

Basically, its not easy to make new.. even half-way decent sprites. I am 3d-artist and i stand in awe at the detail level of the golems, the current pixel artist for arcen games is immensely skilled, i am just fixing things that weren't renewed.

As for colormask.png - Its simply the elements of the sprite that the game colors itself - full transparency is obviously needed since png's do not work with a alpha channel


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