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GFX Mod: Alternate Transport Ship Sprite

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Think about that, you are in a train with a hole to space but theres absolute vacuum and 0 gravity in it. If the train would stop suddenly, then that would be very unhealthy for you since you'd not stop until you hit a wall (and even then you would rebound back ,p)

This is why nobody wants to fly around in a cabin when a spaceship accelerates or de-accelerates, doesn't even matter if theres air.

So without foundation its likely that you will be flying out the hole where there is no foundation the moment velocity changes ^^

That's why people are supposed to "hold on!" when things get .. err.. speed-y.


Fine, use the same stuff as the walls to make a floor. No need to make a foundation in space though.  :P

If you put on the brakes (say, 3% speed reduction) on normal orbital velocity ie. 7.7km per second then that means if you hit the breaks theres no arm attached to you anymore to hold on to something with :D Better strap in tight in some water or other liquid tank.  ;D ;D

Ah yeah, one just gotta love space travel.

That'll work too.  ;D

So, umm... gotta love topic derailment. lol.

,p At least people will learn something new from the derailment!


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