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For Steam players looking to get together, consider the Official AI War Steam Community.  Only a very tiny percentage of all the Steam AI War owners are on the AI War Steam Community so far, so hopefully the more people that join, the more other people will see it and join! 

(Though I think that low-enrollment in Steam Communities compared to the overall playerbase is just the norm, even looking at the community for Left 4 Dead it only has 200k members compared to how many copies it has sold.)

700 members. 32 in-game. 157 online. 0 in group-chat.

Now, how are we supposed to organize games if NOBODY is in group-chat? :P
The bad thing about steam is that you cant send messages to ppl not on your friendslist, so either add all 700 members on your friends list, or have noone to play with even though we have this huge steam group.
Sigh.  >:(

I wish steam would integrate the whole "invite player to game" mechanic with AI War, that would be so easy and sweet.

I'm not real familiar with Invite Player To Game.  How does that work, with other games?  That sort of thing is not Steam's responsibility to integrate: rather, they hand us an SDK and we do what we will with it.  If it's simple, the Invite Player To Game functionality is something we might be able to at least look into...

its pretty simple...

you send someone an invite (either from friendslist or chatbox) when you are ingame, if they click accept the game will start, if they are already ingame they will join the game

in L4D theres also a display of friends ingame on the main screen so you can join any lobby/ game in progress easily

it is possible to chat with people you aren't friends with iirc, they just get a little alert box asking if they want to chat with you instead of the chat starting automatically like if they are a friend, its quite easy to miss those alerts though

Yeah--I am finding that the chatrooms in the Steam Community are underused because they are simply useless.

:SHOCK!:  Fiskbit or Rev wasn't in the group-chat!?  DID SOMEBODY SET US UP THE BOMB?


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