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Fox Soul:
Steam Cloud is currently down preventing people from playing games like Call of Duty MW2,
But thankfully AI War has a direct connection allowing AI War players to play.

~~As I'm writing this cloud just came back up~~

AI War is the only game I have bought from steam, simply because that is the link my friend provided when he convinced me to buy the game.  One of the best games I ever bought.

But I don't do anything on steam, I don't even have it running on my computer.

Oh, and I got the free portal thingy they had a while back, but I haven't actually played it since I "got" it.  *shrug*

So far, the only multi-player (and I don't like single player anything) I have played in Ai Wars has been with real life friends, normally either lan, or direct connect with Skype.  Or both at once.  At some point I might branch out into random strangers, but I don't expect to do so.  Mainly because it takes weeks to finish a game.

Portal was actually pretty fun as a once-through game; and after beating it, some of the challenges were good puzzles to solve. Don't let the first-person-shooter look fool you, it's not really like that at all.

I've been on it since I knew it existed! Next time I have the time to get a big game together I'm definitely going to look there for players.

Hey Triple_T here!, looking for some people for some AI, got all expansions, me and some buddies play regularly but i'd love to keep a larger group of people interested in playing anytime

Steam: Triple_T1159
Xfire: tripleteee

see you in game :P


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