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Stored forum login gets corrupted repeatedly

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I have a reoccuring problem of my saved credentials in the forums no longer working in terms of
- Me not being logged in automatically although I have selected "Forever"
- Manually logging me in when this occurs coccasionally not working with a hint to check my cookie settings

Deleting the cookies fixes the issue.
I am using Chrome.

Hmm, this has never happened to me.  When did this start for you?  In the last few days, or a few weeks ago, or longer?

More than just a few days ago. Likely for one or two weeks I guess...

Okay, sounds like since the move to the new servers, then.  I'll defer to Quinn on that, but I figured he'd want to know.

Shrugging Khan:
Just saying I also have this. My internet connections are a bit weird, so I didn't think much of it...but it also coincides with the recent forum/server changes, so maybe that's it.


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