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Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum!


This isn't specific to AI War, but I didn't see any generic technical help sections.

I haven't visited the Arcen forums in a long time.   I wanted to come on to post a question, and found I can't access the forums directly.When I go to the forums page, I get:

An Error Has Occurred!
Sorry Guest, you are banned from using this forum!
This ban is not set to expire.

I can't click on any of the links for login, register, etc etc.       I just grabbed a random web proxy server and I can log in, so it's not related to my account, it must be my IP, but it's a large ISP in Japan, and there's no chance I've been IP banned personally.   (and obviously my Arcen forum account is fine, since here I am).

I tried Chrome & IE both, and they have the same issue.

Any solution to this would be nice, as it's not super convenient to have to web proxy just to browse the forum.


This should be resolved swiftly. Arcen are pretty protective of their community ^^

Dominus Arbitrationis:
Can you go here and PM me your IP and hostname? I've actually never seen this happen, but I'll definitely do everything I can to get you normal access back!

Unfortunately I can't just quickly remove the ban because all the access I can see for you is from the proxy.

Hey - thanks for the reply.     Quinn is actually in touch with me via email, and has found at least a temporary solution.     (I'm logged in without a proxy now, yay!)


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