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Posting in a topic throws me back to the forum index

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--- Quote from: Dominus Arbitrationis on April 11, 2017, 05:38:07 pm ---Do you know about when this issue came up?

It seems that when you make a post, it will send you outside the topic to the parent board there. The reasoning behind the feature, I'm guessing, is because you should read an entire thread before replying (or the parts you care about) and if someone else adds a response before you post you get a mean error.

I never noticed that this is any different than it was before. My best guess so far is that it was an SMF update that changed this.

--- End quote ---

Happened some when before April 1st. Least that is when I noticed it ;)

I can't speak for anyone else, but I definitely like to read the entire (recent) part of the topic again just to see if my tone and writing doesn't come across in a way I didn't intend, and preview isn't the same, I am old-school and see the post button as something final and often when hitting it, I remember a point I forgot to raise or simply forgot to even include in my post. ;P Preview is mainly for formatting.

It would be pretty wacked if that were a profile setting btw.. gonna check


So yeah,
[_] Return to topics after posting by default
suddenly became unchecked, I assume when you got hax or when updating, it reset "look and layout" settings entirely, because they are seriously not the way I had them set ^^

Hmm. Lets see...

Yeah, I think I remember it returning you to the thread and showing you your post.  But the "return to thread list" behavior is very common.

Yeah, not common enough for me to have seen it  ;P

Anyway, profile settings, "Look and Layout"
check -> Return to topics after posting by default
and all is fine.

Why that suddenly is not the default anymore is baffling though. But now that it's fixed for me, I'd say hostage taking averted ;P


--- Quote from: eRe4s3r on April 11, 2017, 10:24:33 pm ---Anyway, profile settings, "Look and Layout"
check -> Return to topics after posting by default
and all is fine.

--- End quote ---


Dominus Arbitrationis:
Hmmm, my guess is it had to do with the hack then. Thats about the only way your stuff would get reset to nothing.

Sorry about that issue, but I'm glad you found the solution!


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