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Password recovery from hell

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Yeah it seems I still had old redirect login page as origin domain for my auto-login for mantis (guess I now know why that never worked right ,p) but this ended up to be really confusing, because Lastpass isn't stupid, it notices when you can't login with your data and so it actually asks you which account you are using, and at that point I was completely lost, because suddenly I had 3 "arcengames" accounts with 3 identical usernames but different pw's (only that none of them worked, or appeared to work apparently ,p)

Anyway, guess this means I just changed my PW for nothing, so that's good too. More security is better security.

Either way, you said to bring up all site issues, and appearing to be logged out when the auto login from lastpass said it "logged me in" is definitely one of those imo ;P

Glad you got that figured out it gave me a right darned scare, as you can imagine when lastpass says you log in and the site says you aren't, instantly questions pop up like "where did it just log-me-in" and it ain't like XSS attacks on the auto-login are not a thing already, hence why I only have it for very few sites on. Give SMF some serious hell for not mentioning that in their update notes ^^

Ps.: And yep, it all works now, new genned passwords ftw (just random more security I guess) ;P


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