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Dominus Arbitrationis:
Hey Everyone!

SMF is gearing up for a major version upgrade soon (Currently on Release Candidate 2), which means we will likely make that move once it goes live. However, the upgrade wipes out themes and modifications we have made. Meaning, the forums look you all know and love will disappear. I have attached a few different theme ideas for everyone to look at. Please look at them and get back to me with your feedback, positive, negative, neutral, basically any reaction you have, I want to know about it so we can try to make the best theme possible.

Also, a testing environment for it has been set up at arcengames.com/forumsdev. Feel free to play with it and mess around with any and all settings you can find. Note that it was generated with a snapshot of this forum, so if you didn't have an account prior to this post, you probably don't have one over there either, so you will have to register again. If for some reason it won't let you log in, let me know or just make a new account. Nothing that happens over there will be reflected in any production version of our forums, so it is basically a giant sandbox for everyone.

I really like the fact that the current forums are dark and feel space themed, and would prefer they stay that way.

Dominus Arbitrationis:
I do too. There are two images there that are darker. Do you prefer the one with the space background, or with the fading background?

Colors can be easily changed as well, so if you think a different color would look nicer, I can make a mockup of that too.

I like the one with the space background a bit more, but can you make the rest of the screen a bit darker?

Dominus Arbitrationis:
Something more like this?


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