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Mantis "Vote Tallies" view shows resolved/closed issues

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When an issue is marked resolved or closed, the Resolution field remains in the open state. It appears the Vote Tallies view filters out on Resolution instead of status. Is there a way to change that in my own view? I can't find votes in the View Issues filter list.

Should this go in Mantis?

I honestly don't know.  We didn't have anything to do with the coding of Manits or the voting plugin for it.  Nor are we particularly apt php programmers.

I think you're using a plugin called "Gauge Support." All this would be based on the version I found at Mantis Forge.

 It has a function in issue_ranking.php listThisIssue

--- Code: --- 125                 // get bug data and figure out if we have to process it
 126                 $bug = bug_get($bugid);
 127                 if(!listThisIssue($bug->resolution)) continue;
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---  67         function listThisIssue($issueResolution) {
  68                 switch(intval($issueResolution)) {
  69                         case OPEN: return true;
  70                         case FIXED: return false;
  71                         case REOPENED: return true;
  72                         case UNABLE_TO_DUPLICATE: return false;
  73                         case NOT_FIXABLE: return false;
  74                         case DUPLICATE: return true;
  75                         case NOT_A_BUG: return false;
  76                         case SUSPENDED: return true;
  77                         case WONT_FIX: return false;
  78                         default:  return true;
  79                 }
--- End code ---

If you change the calling statement like:

--- Code: ---                  // get bug data and figure out if we have to process it
                  $bug = bug_get($bugid);
                  if(!listThisIssue($bug->status)) continue;
--- End code ---

And then changed the switch statement to
--- Code: ---           function listThisIssue($issueStatus) {
                   switch(intval($issueStatus)) {
                           case FEEDBACK: return true;
                           case ACKNOWLEDGED: return true;
                           case CONFIRMED: return true;
                           case ASSIGNED: return true;
                           case RESOLVED: return false;
                           case CLOSED: return false;
                           default:  return true;
--- End code ---

The code I found for the display of Resolution type is different from what I see on your Mantis. It shouldn't be too hard to change it to show Status in the list instead.

That's just what I need.   Thanks!  I will take a look at that once things calm down a bit (so a few days, probably).

Okay, this is now in place -- thanks.  I was otherwise to be left twiddling my thumbs waiting on a few things. ;)


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