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Dominus Arbitrationis:
Since I have been approached several times about Mantis apparently not sending emails, appeared to correct the problem, didn't actually fix anything, and now am at an utter loss for what could cause this. So, if anyone is willing to tell me if you're not getting Mantis emails and if you receive any error at any point in Mantis, that would be much appreciated!

I got one...before April the First...
Can't think of any since.

Dominus Arbitrationis:
Okay, so this isn't a relatively isolated incident then. I recently got a huge influx of emails from Mantis, so I'm curious to see if other people did too.

I have -- seems to be working now!

Same here. I tried to register for a mantis account around April 1st, but never got a confirmation email. Now it just says "Username already taken" when I try to register again.


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