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How should we treat the wiki?

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Dominus Arbitrationis:
I was contemplating merging this with this topic, but that one is pretty much only relevant to SBR so I'll make this one.

Just some clarification for all of this:

1. A great example of the first option is UESP. It puts all of the information there, but lets players make their own decisions based on the data.
2. This would be the more neutral option, I think. We would put all of the facts and stuff on the main pages, while putting links to strategy only when needed to understand.
3. This option is pretty much how the wiki currently is.

Just to throw in my two cents as to why I voted as I did (I chose option one), I believe that the Wiki should be used just to compile the facts and how/why things work as they do. We already have the forums subsection and I'm 99% certain that that format is better when someone is asking for advice. It just feels a lot more personal and less "This is way you are supposed to beat the game". Especially given that ArcenWiki is considered the official wiki, I think it might discourage people from playing Arcen titles in their own way, which is really all that makes them fun. They are unique and pretty much any strategy is a good one. Yes, including the AI War "Nuke it. Yes, I know its one ship. Nuke it" strategy. :)

PS. Just because I'm the main person doing the behind-the-scenes stuff, doesn't mean I'm going to be making all the decisions for the wiki. It is, first and foremost, a community project. So I will happily bow to consensus and implement that, even if I don't like it.

Facts first, strategy afterwards sounds reasonable enough to me.

Facts...strategy is how the AI War pages are set up.  There's still a lot of missing strategy info, but we do have sections for "use in player's fleet" and "countering in AI's fleet" areas.

I would leave the strategy to "first order optimals" ie. the easy stuff to figure out that "generally works" which should give the reader and idea of how to utilize whatever feature is being discussed in the ways that are low-skill high-productivity.  No Doom Drop: Extra Crispy with Coleslaw level grandmastery.  Leave that for the forums, or wiki pages devoted entirely to strategy.

Dominus Arbitrationis:
I'd also like to point out that anyone can make a user-page with whatever strategy stuff they want and that will be allowed regardless of what option is chosen.

Captain Jack:
I lean toward option 1 more than anything else, but I think there SHOULD be dedicated strategy pages for all the games. Wikis are meant to be the sum of the community's experience with their subjects, and there's nothing more communal than playing the game. I think that we can improve both how the facts and the strategies are served, basically by cutting down on the bloat.


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