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CloudFlare issue impacting Arcen?


CloudFlare bug
No idea if this affected you guys or not.

Dominus Arbitrationis:
We appear to not have been affected by it. I've been in contact with Cloudflare, and they said that our domain was one of the ones NOT known to be affected. That being said, there is a possibility that something was compromised. However, we try to encrypt all traffic from your browser to Cloudflare then to our server, is all encrypted. We also don't have super sensitive material hosted here (unhashed passwords, invoices, or credit card information, etc.).

If you use your password on multiple sites, I would highly recommend changing it to be different on each site, and make sure it isn't a dictionary word, or any other easy to guess password. If you have to ask if a password is strong enough, then make it longer and more complex. NB. I know most people won't do that, but it is a good security measure that limits the damage if one site is compromised.

Cool, thank you!


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