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Cannot create new page in wiki


I'm currently playing Bionic Dues again and noticed that info for some bots is missing in the wiki.
I just registered for the forums and the wiki and now seem to be able to edit existing pages but are not able to add new ones for missing bot types for example.
Is this intentional or an oversight?

Dominus Arbitrationis:
Whoops, that was partially an oversight. Originally, it was intended since you could sign up for the wiki and forums independently, which resulted in a lot of spam on the wiki side of things. As a result, new users couldn't make new pages, but established users (Ones who had been registered for a bit. Marking them as such was automatic) could.

I've added you to the proper group for it, as well as allowed new users to create pages. If that ends up increasing spam then I'll revert that change, but we should be good.

(Sorry for the late reply, have been busy a bit...)

Thanks very much! I'll try again then :)


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