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Aiwar2 web site link fails - not good for selling the game


Bud Backer:
I just bought Aiwar2 and the first (only) DLC on steam. I know how good AiWar was and had all the expansions as well.

Looking at the site I tried clicking on the AiWar2 link ( submenu under “Games”)

It results in an error and the game pages does not display. Being the troubleshooting type that I am I did some quick testing.

The link URL is simply “aiwar2.com”

The proper URL is www.arcengames.com/aiwar2


Was just looking to see if this got fixed or not (before firing off a direct ping to folks on Discord) and I'm not seeing a bad link.
The "visit the website" link currently links to the arcen wiki.

Bud Backer:
I just tried it again and it fails so I think you’re not going where I did.

This isn’t a question of the link from the wiki. Yes, it will go to Arcen games main page. That works fine. But if you are on the main page of Arcengames.com and you click on games (between Store and News) you will get a drop down menu. AiWar 2 is the first item there. Click that. The URL presented is


Which is not valid.

Dominus Arbitrationis:
Thank you both for reporting this!

It has been given a temporary fix, while I continue to look into it.

Bud Backer:
No problem, I want Arcen to succeed so I’m happy to help.


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