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Too Late For Slices?


So I've actually been tinkering with slice creation after envisioning some additional boss rooms that I thought up.

A few of them are actually pretty fun; would it be worthwhile to submit a batch of them here, or has that ship sailed?

Sorry, I completely missed this post.  And yep, new slices are definitely something that are always welcome, and it's not too late at all.  Cheers!

Well, here are my three favorite slices.  I know, three is a minuscule amount, but three more randomization options is better than none.  I figured my few favorites would be better than a glut of generic stuff.  One of them is an exterior slice and two of them are boss rooms.

Boss rooms were the one area in which I noticed the most amount of recycling in terms of design and the amount of times I saw each slice, since it's somewhat difficult to make a myriad of rooms you face the henchman in without running out of alternations.  Some of them are also fairly easy when you can shoot out a row of crates and hide behind the rest.  That's why I wanted to add a couple more boss room options for the RNG.

Anyways, here they are.

Thanks for these.

It's not worth it to push a release just for this, but, next time we push a release, these three slices will be added.

My thoughts exactly; just whenever another batch of bugs/typos/whatever are fixed.


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