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I know 9 isn't very much, I was just trying out making custom slices. They seem usable enough, and I might do more in the future. I only made some short thin interior slices, mostly simple but a few crazy, but I'm not sure what truly qualifies as simple or crazy, so if one or the other isn't actually simple/crazy feel free to switch their category.

I noticed there's not really instructions on where to send slices in, so I'm just gonna make a topic for this. If I do more I'll post in this thread.

Submitting them here is just fine.

As for it only being 9, honestly, I'd prefer them in smaller batches, so I don't have to spend quite so much time at once going through them.

As for these, mostly, they are really good.

My one comment about them is that they are probably a bit light on enemy population. The game is able to tone down enemies if there are too many in a slice, but, it can't add more. So, having too many enemies in a slice is preferable to not having enough. :)

To your question about what constitutes crazy versus normal, it's pretty subjective, honestly, but, you got the right idea in your slices.

Also, I added some treasure in one or two of them.

Outside of the things I just mentioned, I didn't make any other changes, and I'll be adding these to the game for .708. :)

Thanks a bunch!

It appears the simple slices from that bunch were mistakenly added to InteriorSimpleTallThinHorizontal when they should have gone to InteriorSimpleShortThinHorizontal, I believe.

Yeah, you're right, I did put them in the wrong spot. That said, moving them now would actually cause more issues than it's worth. Since the types are similar enough, I'm going to leave this one. Sorry about that.


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