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Random spillage of secrets from Chris (copypasta from internal emails).

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from what you've said this really does sound like a survival game to me in witch ill be happy to throw money at you when its a thing I can buy.

Overall there are sci-fi ships and soldiers and mechs and enemies that you run into, along with alien monsters.  There are larger dropships that roam around in patrols, and if they see you then they will pursue you and have some soldiers start pouring out.  So there's this sort of vague City 17 feel in some respects (or that's the intent).  But at the same time there are roaming monsters that simply run into you as you move about, and there are wild animals that are both predator and prey that you can hunt and that also hunt each other and you.

that sounds awesome the way your talking it gives me the impression its going to be 3d which means it'll probably run like shite on my laptop (sigh)

My hope is to keep the minimum requirements to shader model 3.0, but nothing is set in stone yet.

(shrugs shoulders) ill just wait and see talking about requirements is a bit pointless at the moment.


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