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Random spillage of secrets from Chris (copypasta from internal emails).

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One look at this topic, the first thing I see is basically "and you turn into a dinosaur" and.... I'm already totally and completely lost.

Well, that means my day is off to a promising start.

Well, you don't HAVE to turn into a dinosaur.  Unless you're a were-dinosaur, I guess -- I'm still undecided on that bit.

I'm confused. I can't event tell any more if all this is really serious. Maybe because I read the "freaking volunteers" posts seeking for interesting bits of true information. I would wana say "speak up or shut up", but, while it wouldn't be very polite, I have no right on pressuring you to tell us. But, frankly, what is the fundamental difference between no information (beside "we're working on a secret project") and this nonsense? I can't even tell if it's serious, after all this dinosaur thing. And if it is, why wouldn't you just say the word "survival"?

What is the point in spilling half-secrets? If you have good reasons to keep secrets, please do it. If you want to share secrets and get community's comments or just inform your community or whatever mischievous goal you're after, then do it!

So, yeah. TL;DR: put up or shut up.

Freaking volunteers refers to the group still working on polishing up Starward Rogue.

Chris is teasing us about the game he has been working on.  It's the new hotness and he wants to tell us all about it but us way to early for it.

Yeah, I'm serious about everything in this thread.  Though it's still subject to change, and I'm being goofy about it I suppose.  But this thread doesn't have any currently-false statements from me in it.  Some of the statements may BECOME false as I get further in, but that's a different matter.


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