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Names for a game you have no idea what it's about?

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Hot Dinosaur Action
Velociraptor: Hot and Bothered
Velociraptors of a Feather Turret Together
A Valley with Dinosaurs: Steampunk Boogaloo

Telepathic T-Rex
Tales of a Tyrannical T-Rex
Jurassic Ark: Judgement Day
Mechanized Artificial Dinosaurs (MAD)

I could do this all day


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I nominate this one.

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Fearlessly Foraging Far Flung Firma

Alien Life Terrorizing Far Flung Ferula Fortalice 

Cretaceous Tyrant Ravaging Life, Alien Life Terrorizing Deleteriously

Joke titles (Alt F4 and Ctrl Alt Del) I'm out.

From what I read, it seems to me that this will be also an overcomplex arcen game, so I have also this:

Occam's Swiss Army Knife

--- Quote from: chemical_art on February 22, 2016, 07:36:53 pm ---Mechanized Artificial Dinosaurs (MAD)

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I also like this one btw.


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