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--- Quote from: x4000 on February 22, 2016, 07:07:19 pm ---Good sir, you don't have to inform me of the fact!  My issue with the velociraptor is actually that the movie representations of them were oversized, and I prefer the members of their group that are actually that size, heh.
--- End quote ---

I didn't think I did!

Speaking of utahraptor, the life reconstruction image on Wikipedia was drawn by someone I know of another friend's character.
Here's his steam avatar:

The distinguishing markings on the muzzle and neck are clearly visible in the image on Wikipedia.

Remember folks, dine on a kiss!

Professor Paul1290:
Wait...  Kickstarter?

Is that really a good idea?

I mean, the problem with Kickstarter is that you then have a pool of stakeholders who are attached to the initial project plan and not to what the project will be, and that has consequences for mid-project flexibility.
That seems to run directly against to how you guys do development.

Not to mention Kickstarter success has historically banked on existing fanbase as well as strength of first impression, which is also an area you don't have a good record on.

If you need funding, would Patreon be worth considering?
It's not as big as Kickstarter, but it can focus donations more towards the general works of a creator rather than an individual project, which is not quite as bad for mid-project flexibility.

This project is... different.  Normally I completely agree with you.  But I think this one will both make a strong first impression, and it's not something that is going to have much in the way of design shifts throughout development.  I pretty much know exactly what I want out of this, because for the first time since the original AI War, I'm like "nobody builds this thing I want to play with someone, so f it I guess I'll do it."  My wife and I have been playing survival games together since 2009, and we want to keep doing so, but everything on the market has various issues that keep us from wanting to play them.  We have a pretty specific list of what we're looking for, and I aim to have all that in place before we even start a kickstarter.

Do I generally see kickstarter as a great idea for a company like Arcen?  No.  But that also doesn't mean I won't ever use it.  I see it as a marketing tool as much as anything else in this particular case.


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