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Ship controls, sounds, and first experience


Wanting to compare with other players.

1) does your sound work? I can hear the music, but there are no combat sounds or interface sounds.
2) Pressing the number of the squadron, you see a very brief highlight if you zoom in really close, but otherwise I'm unable to tell who is selected.
3) I also was hoping for some kind of sound confirmation that I issued an order. Pressing the fire at will option, not sure that it's doing anything.

Right now I am testing predators and then slowly adding in other ships:

5 predators against Pirate cutter, cutter, Interceptor, Claymore, pirate lancer

I lose completely.

The Claymore flies way off to the side and slowly comes around in for the kill. I would like to target these before they get in close, still working on that.  Behaviors I've tried:
1) pressing the number of the squadron and right clicking
2) pressing the number of the squadron and then giving it one of the three orders

By mixing in one interceptor squadron and subtracting one predator, I almost win.

Anyway, let me know what you have so far. Thanks.


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