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Hi! If someone capable could Mantis my stuff, I would be eternally grateful. (If no one does it in the next couple of hours, I'm doing it myself. I currently have no idea how it works and don't have really the time right now, but I will get to it.)

First and foremost: 90% of my complaints have already been resolved during the last 3 days (mostly the combat being to easy, some special weapons being overpowered, a couple of bugs, interface issues, etc.), so I'm extremely happy about the current state of the game and really really impressed by the speed Arcen fixes things. :)

Now I'm just listing the last bugs/issues that I noticed:

1) In the first combat, right after the intro, you have the choice of either killing their flagships or docking with a survey station. The text in the left corner however states that you have the choice of either killing their flagships or making things even worse by attacking their infrastructure. The latter is however impossible. I guess this is a remnant from an earlier stage of the game, where this was indeed an option.

2)This bug was patched while I was writing this post, jesus christ you guys are fast! :o

3) I don't know if this has been fixed yet to be honest, but the RCI values on the map were set to off in the settings when I first started the game. That made it rather irritating when the tutorial declared that it would now show me the RCI values on the solar map but didn't until I activated them in the settings.  (This was a couple of days ago, so it might have been fixed.)

4) The tooltips of the 3 weapons of your ship are kinda fucked up in my game. They all read: "This special ability has been completely used up, but ..." You get the idea.

Also, a small thing: I kinda whish that the tooltip that shows up when you hover over a planet would show you what races/factions are currently attacking this planet. As it is, the only way to make out which race/faction is attacking is by colour and by looking with what factions/races the race that owns the planet is at war with. It's not really necessary, but would make thing immediatly clearer.

Apart from that everything seems great at the moment. (But I really need to play more tbh, most of my playtime is 2 -3 days ago and so much has changed!)

I'll add my first impressions here as well:

Firstly, I've been playing the game under Linux, and so far things have worked great.
It's really nice to not have to use WINE for this (unlike AI War :(), so thanks for the extra work that must have taken.
Not to mention that the game looks and sounds great!

1. Being a fast reader, I would very much prefer if there was an option to display "scrolling" text instantaneously. I know that I can press the button to quickly to do that, but the end result tends to be (based on experience with other games) that I end up accidentally skipping text when I don't want to.

2. A scroll wheel sensitivity setting would be nice. Right now, I find myself scrolling a lot more than necessary, since the sensitivity is (to me) too low.

3. I ran into a graphical glitch on the Hydral home planet info screen (see the attached).

4. Following the completion of the escape mission, I choose a mission to help get space-tech to another race; the quest description spoke of shooting down a capital ship so that it would crash on the planet, and that I would receive a bonus if I destroyed all ships. However, upon entering the mission, the objective was simply to reach a drop-off point, which I did and won the mission. That was frankly quite confusing. Was those previously mentioned objectives in play or not?

5. There is some really nice flavor speeches that trigger upon certain events (e.g. the hive getting space-tech). However, the volume is quite low, and I found it quite hard to follow what was being said. I would appriciate it if there were subtitles for these speeches (not to mention anyone with worse hearing than me!).

6. It would be nice if you could close the mission summary windows by clicking outside of them, rather than having to hit the small X in the upper-right corner.

Mantising. (This just means that I'm putting some of this feedback onto the Mantis bugracker for ease of access and visibility to the devs). Thanks!


--- Quote from: Pepisolo on April 18, 2014, 11:58:10 am ---Mantising. (This just means that I'm putting some of this feedback onto the Mantis bugracker for ease of access and visibility to the devs). Thanks!

--- End quote ---

Thank you!
I've looked up the bug-tracker (I'm surprised there wasn't a sticky post with a link to it in this forum!), and will go there directly the next time.

I'm posting mi impression after less tha 2 hours playtime.

First: The game is great. No doubt abou it. I like the combat and the strategy part of it.

But I think thth the tutorial must be improved. There is no explanation on the solar map screen telling waht to do. Also in combat tutorial I miss some clearer steps towards the avalaible options. For examle indicating clearly to switch weapons (I know its explained in the text but I think its better to make the user follow some steps like "select this weapon to attack the shieds of the nearest starship, onr "now the starship has no shieds, switch to this weapon to make mode damage to it", etc.)

I'll keep playing and posting my impresions /bug/ etc...

Thanks for the opportunity to play it.
Best regards


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