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Impressions so far.


I've played the game for about six hours or so yesterday. Version 0.862 - 0.863

Coming into the game I went with the recommended quick start and made my way through the tutorials as they popped up as I progressed further into the game. Some of the images didn't load and would only be a small red x box or something similar, I was able to understand the game well enough to continue though.

The gating of information and access to new info-graphics seemed ok, I hope subsequent play-throughs will let you jump in immediately.

I had my first death within the first three missions after my initial escape, sitting in the middle of a swarm of enemies at low speeds for too long. I learned to stay abit further away and move around more and felt it was a legitimate learning experience that I could die that early in such a manner. I also noticed my shields recharged after abit if I wasn't under fire.

I found the combat controls a little fiddly after using an ability I would sometimes have a hard time finding a way to see what weapon I had selected given that you move first and sometimes I'd click too fast. Left versus Right click after trying to confirm autofire would sometimes reset my movement if I clicked inside the movement circle as well. I got used to it but wasn't as intuitive as I thought it was at first.

Smuggling space-faring technology was surprisingly and not surprisingly the easiest way to make credits and there were times I had trouble finding things to raise credits quickly for more expensive things.

At times I felt I had nothing to do as I couldn't afford the high priced federation deals with some races just yet and I was stuck waiting for the Andor Federation Party to become the ruling party as they were the central foundation to the federation I was working on. I did some long term mining and armada construction for both the Andors and the Skylaxians a couple times as I had 13 minutes in-game before the election and this got me into trouble. The Thoraxians wiped out alot of the Skylaxian's outposts and their large armada count that I was hoping to use to influence the Burlusts with later and the Andors got sick of the Boarines, who had some pirates I guess, and declared war on them even though the Boarine Regent was for interstellar cooperation. I feel I must have missed something and that at least the current Andor-Boarine war could have been avoided perhaps had I been smarter somehow. That this sort of thing can happen I'm ok with but problems earning credits in sufficient amounts is something I'm still learning on how to get around.

I also found it hard to find things to influence what I want sometimes. The Peltians felt terrific towards the Andors and Skylaxians but their respective attitudes were hard to influence as I couldn't find ways for the Peltians to get on their good-side more actively. Tech-gifting helped a lot but not from the Peltians as both the Andors and Skylaxians were far more proactive with research.

I will try some more things and will perhaps start another game with a slightly different strategy later today.

Mantising. (This just means that I'm putting some of this feedback onto the Mantis bugracker for ease of access and visibility to the devs). Thanks!

Thanks Pepisolo, I didn't think of mantising some of the comments I made in here as I was focusing on reporting bugs that I came across. You pulled out some good ones.


--- Quote from: wyvern83 on April 12, 2014, 04:00:01 pm ---Thanks Pepisolo, I didn't think of mantising some of the comments I made in here as I was focusing on reporting bugs that I came across. You pulled out some good ones.

--- End quote ---

Thanks! Just trying to distill some of the better and more common bits of feedback into a Mantis report to help keep things a little more organized for the devs. Thanks  for testing.


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