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I like the voice clips for when they become spacefaring, but if its on the solar map it can be sorta overwhelmed by the background music. Maybe quiet the music a bit when its playing those? (just lowering the music volume in general worked for me).

Clicking on the Andor Parliment's Speeches section brought up a red text: 'MISSING LOCALIZATION AndorPartyType_None', even though the selection box at the bottom of the screen said Roboticists by default.

Is 'epne' actually a Peltian name, or a placeholder? It sounds off to me.

The scrolling text at the bottom is pretty neat, and so is the influence text.

I started a quick game and escaped from the Acutians (same game as all of the above, btw). Its 3001 now (its been about 180 minutes according to steam), and the Acutians seem to be doing horribly. While the others so far spacefaring (Skylaxians, Andors, Boarines, Peltians) seem to be donig alright, the acutians have near negative 1000 in all RCI except medical. I suppose raiding them for multiple techs didn't help (The first quest that pops up for me being an acutian wanting to run off with yet another tech of theirs seems ironic :) ), but is that supposed to happen?

Mantising. (This just means that I'm putting some of this feedback onto the Mantis bugracker for ease of access and visibility to the devs).

So, I'm looking around Observer mode after losing my first game trying to get more hydral tech from an asteroid belt. Skylaxians had Splinter Factions attacking, then a good few other things happened, and then their planet also had a Piratical Exodus that lasted a couple solar months. But now that exodus been sitting around in the UI for quite longer than that as a ??? with 0 months left if you hover over it. Splinter faction attacks are still ticking down in the meantime, so it sounds bug-ish. (it went away with the below Thoraxian capture however)

Also, Thoraxians took over the Skylaxian planet, but the major events sidebar describes the Thoraxians scouring Thoraxians from the planet and the Thoraxians taking the planet for themselves, the Thoraxians going down fighting to the Thoraxians, and the audio clip is the only one who got it right. Edit: This happened again (Replace Thoraxian with Burlust) on the same Tiamat planet.

Second Impressions, Quick game, normal difficulties with the new tutorials, quest duo, rearranged bottom bar:

The quests at the beginning certainly help point you in a direction. Having race relations and tech in basic info instead of in the next tab over is nice.
Dumping all power to engines to rush to the drop point is a bit harder to do unless you leave some shield power in to hold off the damage, which seems more balanced than before I think. If I drop the shields completely they get wiped out basically instantly if theres an attack while I'm running for the drop point.

Are the voice clips missing? I haven't heard any and I've gone through the intro and three races besides the acutians are now spacefaring. Far too much tutorial at once happened after the second delivery though: while its nice to know about abilities and the black market and such, theres too much text at once there, I think there were three things that had showed up to explained themselves all at once one after the other.

RCI tutorial doesn't seem much different, but certainly sounds less angry.
Resources tutorial is very helpful.

Raid Trader Convoy still mentions you only steal 100 in the COMPUTER REPORT. Also, I was surprised when i ended up having 16k Terbium, so maybe mention how much you're gaining when you board the freighters midcombat?

When you attack a pirate armada on the solar map, and it says 'Gained 800 credits (at 2X normal rate!)', does that mean I gained 1600 credits, or that I earned 400 and it was doubled afterwards for being a click-to-attack fight?


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