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How to Aquire Higher tier ship upgrades?


I was just looking at a finished game I won and noticed I did it with my tier 1 ship.

When looking at the tech tree I noticed ship upgrades could get to tier 6.

So if anyone has the time to outline the process they use to get to tier 6 research I would greatly appreciate it.
What changes.Does the ship textures change as you upgrade it's tier?What of the skills do they get boosted when going a higher tier?Does the Merc outpost sell you upgraded tier appropriate tech?
As of now it seems there is a side of the game I have yet to understand.But the other thing that intrigues me is that i could still win a game without that research.Is that good or bad?


Yay finally got to level 2 tech on Hard level.

I had about 30 scientists and had taken over 2 science labs that had been abandoned.I repaired them and became the new owner.I noticed the Skylaxians had the tech 2 available to learn.Once I learnt the tech 2 offense 20 scientists left as they had accomplished their job.So I had to go buy another 30 from the Merc's to complete tech 2 defense.

having more scientists cuts down the research time.

Now to get tech level 3.


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