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First battles - report


I spent a few hours tonight playing through a number of battles. I had the game speed set very slowly. I lost over and over when it was even (i.e., all squadrons were identical, composed of one of each type of the 10 current ships). When I randomized and put more attention into playing I won with just two support ships left.

I will note that I was primarily testing mechanics, keys, and pressing everything possible, rather than making a serious attempt at strategy. I probably entered about 40 items into Mantis.

Some questions and thoughts:

What is Fire At Will vs Wild Hunter mode?

Is there an Attack Move command?

How about an "Attack any of these ships" command, like a rubber-band select attack targets and then the attackers will attack whichever are closest or whatever?

I love the Pirate Sniper. It's perhaps my favorite ship since the original AI War Parasite (back before limits on what it could parasite - and how many - were implemented!).

In the attached screen shot, why does this lonesome enemy have a pulsing red outline?

More testing tomorrow night.



--- Quote from: Admiral on January 29, 2014, 12:48:55 am ---
In the attached screen shot, why does this lonesome enemy have a pulsing red outline?

--- End quote ---

I'm not in alpha (yet) but looking at video and at your image, I suppose that ship with a red outline are ships that are over another object.
In your picture the left ship is over a junk (or is an asteroid?) piece; right one I don't know, however. The same things same to happen in video.

Can you (lucky man already in alpha :) )  check if this holds true in other circumstances?

It's a slow effect from object collision.


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