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End game Save file.


Here is an end game save file to see how it runs on various pc machines.

I would get the slightest stutter end game when using 2x speed on say a 20 month mining operation.But it really didn't affect the game.

Anyway the save game is set prior to the last race Boarines being added to the Federation.All you need to do is fly to Skylaxian held space and access their Senate.

Press Federation Deal option and let the Skylaxians broker the deal with the Boarines for 60k credits for the win.But the game will end if you do this.

So I would suggest doing that later.

If you want a challenge fly to the Acutian world and do a friendly task of "Help clean up AFA Insurgents" Make sure your shields are set high and you have a shield booster.The initial onslaught will probably leave you with about 10% hull strength.May the force be with you. I only have tier 1 ship as I had no idea how to access the higher tiers.

The game save is set on normal.


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